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Flying Wheels Travel provides full service travel arrangements for the following escorted tours. Participants of the below tours travel together as a group and are always accompanied by a Flying Wheels Travel professional tour escort, who is responsible for ensuring your tour goes smoothly.


Upcoming Tours

Baltic States tour

Explore Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania

August 19, 2017 - September 2, 2017

Baltic States tourThe Baltic States are a tapestry of sea, lakes and woods. Explore the gems of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania as we visit their fairytale cities, knight’s castles and pristine natural wonders.

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Madrid and Northern Spain tour

Delve into the cultural treasures of Basque and Madrid

September 1, 2017 - September 15, 2017

Madrid and Northern Spain tourExplore the unique cultures of the Basque country and the capital of Spain. From the priceless masterpieces of the Prado Museum, discovering Hapsburg Madrid to the sophisticated city sands of San Sabastian.

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Peru and Machu Picchu Tour

Visit one of the Wonders of the World

October 28, 2017 - November 8, 2017

Peru and Machu Picchu TourThe ancient Inca citadel of Machu Picchu is the star attraction of this 11-day tour to Peru. The citadel is one of the world’s finest examples of landscape architecture.

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Iceland Northern Lights tour

Experience the splendor of the Artic skies

November 10, 2017 - November 20, 2017

Iceland Northern Lights tourThe Northern Lights or Aura Borealis are a truly magnificent gift of nature. Observing the extraordinary colors dancing across the arctic sky is an unforgettable experience—and Iceland is one of the best places in the world to see them.

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Ecuador and Galapagos Tour

Three different worlds - one great country

February 3, 2018 - February 18, 2018

Ecuador and Galapagos TourExperience Ecuador's jaw-dropping variety of landscapes - from the magnificent Andes to the lush jungle and the amazing Galapagos Islands.

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Sebastian, George and Karin at Linderhoff Palace
Helen in Capernaum Israel
Coatimundi at the Iguazu Falls National Park
Learning about the rain forest.
Sacsayhuaman stones
A view of Quito from the skylift.
Exploring the rainforest


Venice and Greek Isles cruise tour

Aug 06, 2017 to Aug 19, 2017

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Escorted Tours

Baltic States tour

Aug 19, 2017 to Sep 02, 2017

Madrid and Northern Spain tour

Sep 01, 2017 to Sep 15, 2017

Peru and Machu Picchu Tour

Oct 28, 2017 to Nov 08, 2017

Iceland Northern Lights tour

Nov 10, 2017 to Nov 20, 2017

Ecuador and Galapagos Tour

Feb 03, 2018 to Feb 18, 2018


Global Destinations

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Ireland tour

Jun. 24 to Jul. 8
Gain Irish memories to last a lifetime!
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