Ecuador and Galapagos tour 2016

We experienced Ecuador's jaw-dropping variety of landscapes - from the heights of the magnificent Andes to the lush jungle of the Amazon. A wealth of indigenous relics, Spanish colonial architecture, dazzling lakes and volcanic panoramas are all packed into this tiny Andean nation.

This tour concluded with time in the amazing Galapgos Islands. A UNESCO World Heritage sight, these islands are filled with wildlife and beauty beyond your imagination.

  • On the Equator
  • Touring the Equator museum in Quito.
  • On the Equator
  • At the Equator museum in Quito.
  • At the Equator museum in Quito.
  • At the Equator museum in Quito.
  • At the Equator monument in Quito.
  • Local dancers in Quito.
  • A view of Quito from the skylift.
  • Enjoying the views from the skylift.
  • Sunset on the mountains surrounding Quito.
  • The Amazon lodge.
  • Cabanas at the Amazon lodge.
  • The Amazon lodge.
  • Relaxing at the Amazon lodge.
  • Flowers in the rain forest.
  • Flowers in the rain forest.
  • Learning about the rain forest.
  • In the rain forest.
  • Visiting the indeginous community.
  • Visiting the indeginous community.
  • Rafting on the Anzu River.
  • Views of the jungle from the Anzu River.
  • Preparing our picnic lunch on the bank of the Anzu River.
  • Capuchin monkey eating a grape.
  • Touringj the cacao plantation.
  • Sampling local guava fruit.
  • Grilling plantains.
  • Preparing roasted cocoa beans to grind into chocolate.
  • A stream in the rain forest.
  • Flowers in the rain forest.
  • Enjoying dinner in Quito before our flight to the Galapagos Islands.
  • Searching for wildlife at La Loberia beach, San Cristobal Galapagos
  • Sea lion on La Loberia beach.
  • Enjoying a stroll along the beach in search of wild life.
  • Marine Iguanas at the beach.
  • Sea Kayaking.
  • Enjoying a hike at the Galapagos Interpretation Center
  • Cactus on San Cristobal Galapagos
  • Charles Darwin statue.
  • San Cristobal coastline.
  • San Cristobal coastline.
  • Enjoying the Interpretation Center.
  • A Blue Footed Booby.
  • Kicker Rock.
  • Frigate birds on Kicker Rock.
  • Peligans.
  • Getting ready to snorkel around Kicker Rock.
  • Snorkeling around Kicker Rock.
  • Snorkeling with a sea lion.
  • Giant Galapagos Tortoises.
  • A view from the Galapagos highlands to the sea.
  • Enjoying lunch in the Galapagos highlands.
  • Visiting the giant tree house.
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